Samsung POWERbot R7090 Robot Vacuum

Best Vacuum Cleaner Buyer Guide

How it feels to set a robot vacuum to clean your house as compared to holding a traditional vacuum and walking around in your home on carpets, hardwood floors and other surface?

Isn’t it a good idea to assign house cleaning duty to robovac and be more productive?

There are almost all kind of robot vacuums available in the market which comes with different features and price range.

Every robovac has been designed and built by focusing on some standard types of floors. Some are best for carpet cleaning while other do great job on hardwood floors.

So, as a customer, you have to first consider some important points before buying any robot vacuum cleaner. If, you will buy any robot vacuum which has been specifically designed for carpet cleaning while you use that on your hardwood floors then you can’t blame to company or that vacuum.

This is one of the main reason people are not benefiting much from their purchased products.

The only purpose of creating this guide is to help you to decide carefully before buying any robovac.

If you live in a hardwood floor house, for instance, don’t even think of buying a robot vacuum which specializes in carpet cleaning

Although, there are many other companies manufacturing robovacs and market is becoming oversaturated day by day. But we have to discuss some of the best performing vacuum cleaners of a well-known company Samsung.

Samsung robot vacuum cleaners are best no doubt, but you are not limited to these as well. You can also see some other companies best robot vacuums as well. The most important thing is to just buy a right product for right kind of cleaning or floor type.

To help you out in your robot buying decision, we have compiled the following buying guide.

Quick Tips

  1. Take an estimate of your house size or the area you to clean with robovac.
  2. Kind of Floors you are hoping to clean.
  3. Speed of Robovac (If you care about time).
  4. Do you want to assign cleaning duty to robovac while you are sleeping or not at home? Auto Scheduling is must then.
  5. Decide according to your needs not by price. Pick lowest priced robovac if that fulfills your requirements.
  6. Wi-fi functionality is great but wi-fi enabled robovacs are much expensive so decide carefully.
  7. Battery life is an important factor to consider. Don’t buy any robovac with less than 1 hour of battery time.
  8. Remote Functionality is must to have. You don’t even need to go to robovac to set it for cleaning. Just control it with your smartphone.

So, here comes the main question

Why Robot Vacuum?

First thing first, not everyone needs robotic vacuum cleaner. There are many drawbacks in robovacs as compared to traditional vacuum cleaners as well. Traditional vacuum cleaners work better, they don’t caught up on certain points in your house, they have large canister for holding dirt and have much suction power as compared to robotic vacuum cleaners.

However, there are some situations where robovacs are considered best as compared to traditional vacuum cleaners.

Some best Robovacs can even have much suction power as compared to traditional vacuum cleaner. Infact, Robovacs has not been designed to just wating money but they have their own purpose and use cases and this is the main point the robovacs industry is booming now a days.

Most important point robovacs have is a convenience delivering power which can’t get with traditional vacuum cleaners.

You don’t need to follow around your robovac, Just set it and increase your productivity. Isn’t this a good deal ?

Different Types of Robovacs

There is no standard for robovacs. They come in different size, color and shape. They are differentiated based upon:

  • Type of floors they has been built for
  • Suction Power
  • Technology used to develop them
  • Their Size

So, before buying any robot vacuum cleaner, please consider these important points

Floor Type

It matters a lot, which floor type you have and make your robot buying decision accordingly. Every robovac has been built with some specific floor type standard and each robovac has it’s own specific type of cleaning. Not every robovac is best for each type of floor. So, decide accordingly.

NOTE: The standard of robovac is to clean less than an inch thick carpet while hard surfaces the best. If you are in need to clean super thick rug then super suction power robovac will be best suited for you. In this case, Samsung POWERbot R9000 is best suited with 10X more power.


Do you have pets? There seems to be many people searching for best robot vacuum for pet hairs. Robovacs handles pet hairs with ease but as earlier said some are best in handling pet hairs. You don’t need high end robovacs for this but mid-range robovacs can handle pet hairs easily.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for pet hairs

There are many mid-range robot vacuums available which are best at picking pet hairs. One of the successful robovac for picking up pet hairs is a Samsung R7070.

Do you suffer from Allergies?

Many of the advanced robot vacuums come with HEPA filters to limit the amount of allergens into the air.

Here you can find some Best HEPA Filter Enabled Vacuum Cleaners

NOTE: Your robot vacuum may happen some clogging trouble because of pet hairs. Because of this, HEPA Filters may lose their efficiency with the passage of time. So, keep an eye on both of these while your robot vacuum is being roaming along your place. 

Your Goal

Your goal of buying robot vacuum cleaner matters a lot. If you are seeking for helping device to simple cleaning while you have to do heavy lifting then select low priced simple robot vacuum cleaner. But, if you want full house clean by robot vacuum then you have to buy wi-fi enabled auto scheduling high-end robovac.

Beside this, if you are kind of person don’t like much parts to configure or join them for proper functioning then just go with simple robot vacuum cleaner. As simple vacuum cleaners don’t have much parts or wire configuration to take care of. 

What about Noise?

Truth is, vacuuming is somewhat noisy experience but with lot of improvements there are some robovacs designed specifically for this need.

For example, if you are searching a robovac for hospital cleaning where primary focus should be less noisy vacuuming as compared to house cleaning robot vacuums.

“If less noisy robovacs is your primary focus then ILIFE A6 which is an upgraded version of ILIFE A4 is best suited robovac which does its job extremely quietly when in normal mode.”

On the other hand if for some purpose you are seeking robot vacuum for outdoors then noise must not be your focus point so decide wisely.

Programmable Robot Vacuums

Programmable Wi-Fi enable robovacs are best for auto cleaning your house. If you don’t want to be distracted while your house is being cleaned by robovac then you can program it to do schedule cleaning while you are not at home.

Beside of Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuums, there are Bluetooth and remote control enabled robovacs as well. Remote control functionality aid you to clear some points in the house or to follow your pet to clean floor or hairs.

Although, Programmable Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuums are admittedly high priced Robovacs but you get a good deal against price as well. You can handle their movement and cleaning schedule from your smartphone as well.

Example of Some of the best Programmable Robobt vacuums include iRobot Roomba 960 and Samsung POWERbot Robot Vacuum Series. The Neato Botvac Connected is another high-end Robovac which has ability to connect to your Wi-Fi network and also works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.   


Maintenance and cleaning of Robovac is another important factor you have to consider while making your robot vacuum buying decision. Some Robovacs require more maintenance as compared to others.

For example, Robovacs with HEPA Filters such as Eufy Robovac 11 which also has 4 side brushes can be maintained by simply washing the HEPA filters to eliminate clogging problems.

Battery Timing

Battery timing is a single most important factor to put much attention as compared to some other important factors while buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Now, it’s totally up to you how much you want to receive for what you are going to pay for that. Some low-end Robovacs have about 1 hour or less battery time in a single run.

On average, most of the mid-range vacuum cleaners have about one and half hour of battery timing. Some high-end Robovacs also have 2 hours of battery timing as well.

So, it’s totally depends upon your budget and size of your house to determine that what ideal time you need to clean your house by Robovac in a single run.

But remember these are robot vacuums, they know when to charge themselves and where is their charging point. Yes, they will go automatically to their charging point to charge themselves when their battery is near to end.

House OR Cleaning Area Size

Most of the Robovacs has been designed to clean small areas or two bedrooms apartments. But with the increasing demand in Robovacs, there are many Robovacs available in the market for cleaning large houses as well.

Again, decide wisely. If you live in 1- 2 bedroom apartment then any robot vacuum will do the job to tidy up the space. But if you have large house then it will require more specific Robovac for this purpose.

“If you have large house with multiple rooms then iRobot Roomba 650 is best to handle this job with strong navigation system to scan rooms, avoid colliding with furniture and other objects and resumes back to its dock easily.”

What You Get For the Price 

It’s not a good rule to always think that high priced items are only best suited for you. You basically have to choose best suited products for yourself and then comes the price whether you can afford that or not.

So, always try to understand and analyze that what you are going to get against the price. But in most cases, when we are seeking for featured rich items in their specific category, we have to pay more as well.

For an average robot vacuum with basic functionalities you must have to spend at least $200.

If you are seeking for low budget vacuum cleaner then with variety of floors to be cleaned and would have large bin and low in height to fit under your furniture then Eufy Robovac 11 is a best vacuum you should give it a try.

It came with remote control but it lacks Wi-Fi functionality so you can’t control it through your smartphone.

NOTE: Eufy Robovac 11 has not proved to be a best robot vacuum cleaner at picking up pet hairs. So, if you have pets then don’t consider this robovac.

On the other hand, you don’t need to spend about $1000 to get a good vacuum cleaner. You can consider Samsung POWERbot R7070 which is average priced about $500 - $600. It has auto cleaning programmable features with Wi-Fi functionality enabled and works with home systems as well.

Are you A Disable Person?

When finding house cleaning related products in case you don’t feel yourself comfortable with traditional cleaning or with upright vacuums or if you have any disability then Wi-Fi enabled or remote control robovacs would be best suited for you.

If you even plan to present a gift to a disable person then this would be a precious gift to be presented. As earlier said, Programmable robotic vacuum cleaners just need configuration and settings you have to do to set areas robovacs has to clean. You can also schedule it and robovac will perform his duty on time without even any instruction. When it’s charging would be low, it would go to its charging station and will charge himself then again will start cleaning work.

So, If you are a disable person or seeking a robotic vacuum cleaner for a disable person then high-end Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum cleaners would be best suited.


Warranties and prices of robotic vacuum cleaners depend upon the manufacturer; build quality and technology used for developing that robot vacuum as well as material quality.

Most of the manufacturers provide limited warranties and after expiry of warranties those manufacturers are not liable of any kind of damage or fault in your product.

Put much attention to read the warranty points and avoid the items if specified to be repaired in manufacturer’s country (If manufacturer is from other country).Best practice in such cases is to purchase product from the manufacturer residing in your country so that you may have repaired your robovac if needed to claimed for repairing.

Follow best practices and keep warranty cards safe if needed to be claimed in future. Beside this, as robovacs belongs to tech and malfunctioning may occur while upgrading your product software or apps. So, you would have to keep every kind of info relating to your ownership of that item so that there must be no delay in claiming you warranty. 

Warranties mostly depend upon the manufacturers and every manufacturer can mention their own terms and conditions and warranties as well. So, take some time to read the fine print of warranty for the product you are going to buy. This will definitely value your time and will help you to make a better decision and avoid inconvenience in future as well.

In some cases, warranty period also depends upon price of the item as well. Higher the price of an item, longer the warranty period and possible replacement of item as well.

Features and Technologies

This is another factor you should have to put bit of attention upon. Although, there are so many factors robovacs consist of but we only have to put a glance on some of important factors we have to just see while purchasing a robot vacuum.

Area Mapping

Whether you have small or large home, your robovac must have capacity to clean large areas and should find its docking station easily. So, before buying robovac, you should have to inquire about mapping technology.

Robovac with multiple sensors (ideally more than two) and a camera to record movement are some of the functionalities much preferred to look for in a robot vacuum.    

Obstacle Avoidance

Obstacle avoidance technology is a must have to look for in a robot vacuum. So, before buying robovac, inquire about obstacle avoidance technology so that there would be less chances of being broken your robovac by colliding to furniture and objects again and again.

Whether Robovac is Remote Control OR Not

Robotic vacuum cleaner has been developed just for convenience and to save time. Whether you prefer controlling your robovac manually, remote control functionality is very handy to consider. You can control your rebovac remotely without having any cleaning issues assigned to your robovac.

You can also program a schedule for auto cleaning and whether you are at home or not, robovac will start its cleaning duty on time.

So, when you reach your home, you will step into your clean house. You have freedom to spend most of your time to enhance your productivity rather spending your precious time on cleaning house.

Canister Size to Hold Dust:

As earlier said, you can set your robovac to clean your home on auto schedule so what if dust capacity of canister holding dust is not much?

So, where Wi-Fi and remote functionalities are of much importance there is an equally important large size canister for holding dust as well. Dust canister size matter because of cleaning interreuption robovac has to face if canister size is small.

But if the remote functionality is not your preference then you can select robovac with average dust canister size.

HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters does not have to do something special regarding cleaning your house. It just minimizes allergens into the air while robovac has to clean your house.

If allergens are something you have to care about then select robot vacuums with HEPA Filters as HEPA Filters minimizes the risk of allergens into the air while robovac does his cleaning job.

Size of Robovac

Smaller size robovacs are much appreciated by customers because of easy navigation into small areas and corners of house. Beside this, your robovac must be smaller enough to go under your furniture and other household objects to clean each and every corner of the house.

Advantages of Having a Robot Vacuum Cleaner   

Have you ever thought of this kind of invention? Now a day, we can see the world is going towards automation. We not only have automated cleaning appliances for our house but also food and meat thermometers to monitor our foods from 300 feet away while we mingle without friends and lot more products being invented on daily basis.

Day by day we are having many new products whose aim is to just automate manual tasks and you can spend that time to increase your productivity.

Now, it’s up to you whether you like automation or not but soon or after you are going to admit this technology and appreciate its convenience.

Here are some of the advantages of owning a robot vacuum

Time Saving

Whether you like them or not, this is an admitted fact that robot vacuum cleaners saves a lot of time. If you are price conscious person then just imagine the value of time you spend to clean your house manually.

If you spend that time to enhance your productivity then you will find robovacs much cheaper as compared to your productivity enhancement time.

Efficient Cleaning of Floors

No doubt, manual cleaning seems to be best method of cleaning everything. But in some cases machines do a lot more than that of us.

Can we (humans) suck dust from carpets? Can we such pet hairs from carpets? So, we have to admit the machines in some tasks because of our lifestyle and material being used in our houses.

If bought a right Robovac for right job then robot vacuums no doubt can clear all types of floors including carpets, rugs, from vinyl to tiles. But one thing you should have to focus on is to buy right robovac for right job whether its low priced or high priced.

Disabled Friendly

As robotic vacuum cleaners have to do their jobs without even lowering your hand. So, these can be considered the best friends of disabled as they have to clean whole house without taking any help from you.

You even don’t need to charge them or to push a button. Once configured, they will not only clean your house but also will go back to their charging station automatically when their charging is low. They even remember their charging station as well.

Accessories to Enhance Robovac Functionalities

There is an array of robovac accessories that can be purchased independently and attached with robovac to enhance functionality.

Robovacs main purpose is to clean your house so every manufacturer is not only doing his best to improve the existing functionality but also to add more as well. Some other companies are also manufacturing some useful accessories to enhance their functionalities. We can see some of these accessories such as advanced brushes, HEPA Filters etc.

Minimal Maintenance

As compared to traditional vacuums, robovacs needs minimal maintenance. They have less chance to break down. I am not saying that they don’t broke, they may be broken but if kept with care then you can keep them for longer time.

They are built with high quality material as there are serious engineers behind their built and development. So, you can keep them for several years without any need to replace them.

“NOTE: It’s highly recommended that you should have to read robot vacuum cleaner manual. Because there could be some valuable info regarding how you can keep your robot vacuums for longer time by keeping them in their ideal environment and with care.”          

Robovacs Purify Air

Not every robovac purify air but there are some high-end HEPA Filter enabled robot vacuums which purify air by sucking carpets dust. These not only suck carpet dust but also purify home environment air as well.

This handy feature not only reduces the allergens quantity in the house but also saves us from other agents that may cause sickness thus creating a healthy space.

Ease of Store

Robot vacuums are small in size which results no worries for their storage space. You can keep them easily under your bed, couch or furniture or any corner of the house. They do a lot as compared to their size.

Killing of Bacteria

Robot vacuums clean floors by emitting Ultraviolet rays which results in killing bacteria present in our floors or carpets.

Example of vacuum cleaner with high frequency emitting rays is a BObsweep PetHair vacuum which emits rays at 4000NM which results in sterilizing of the floor and the air above it.

Hassle Free Self Charging Functionality

They are said robotic vacuums because of robot functionalities from which auto clean and auto charge are some of the top notch must have functionalities in almost all kind of robot vacuums.

Robot vacuums are smart enough to not only perform their house cleaning duty by themselves but also to recharge when charging is near to end. Yes, we don’t even need to charge them. They sense their charge level by themselves and go to their base charging station when their charging is near to end.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming must have product item for smart homes. There is a notable increase in their popularity day by day.

Robovacs are slowly revolutionizing the cleaning industry and this innovation has proved to be a valuable resource for enhancing productivity by saving much of your house cleaning time.

With the increased popularity and demand of robotic vacuums, many companies are also producing top notch robovacs with lot of improved features. This not only resulted in a healthy competition among manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners but will also result in reducing prices as well.

Each robovac has it’s unique capabilities combination that make it stand out. Although, there are many robovacs available in the market, but each has been developed for a specific usage purpose in mind.

For example, Some robot vacuums have been designed for carpets and all types of floor cleaning, what will happen if you will use this robovac to clean rugs?

For rugs cleaning, there are other robovacs developed for that purpose. So, one of the most important thing to take maximum from your robot vacuum is your buying decision.

This single buying decision factor can take you to take much of your hard earned spend money back in the form of saving time to enhance your productivity. On the other hand, if you are going to buy wrong robotic vacuum which does not adhere to your cleaning needs then this would lead you to not only frustration but also waste of your money as well.

So, best advice for you is to take time to first note down your needs and types of flooring including pet hairs etc. Then search for best robovacs designed specifically for your targeted purpose.

Just focus upon your needs and goals of buying a robot vacuum cleaner beside of price. If you find some low priced robotic vacuum best suited for you and fulfills all of your requirements then select that one regardless of its lowest price.

If you have not used any of the rebot vacuum cleaner before then give it a try. You will admire this technology and sooner or later you are going to accept this technology.

So, why not we should give it a try now?