Best Powered Mobility Scooters

Best Mobility Medical Scooter Buyer’s Guide

It’s very hard to imagine when you or some of your beloved one faces any disability. Most painful thing you can feel is their movement as they seem to be helpless to move around in the house. They also have sense about how it feels to go out at least to see the colorful world.

Now a day, we are so busy in our routine tasks including full time job or running full time business etc. In such cases if we also have to care about our beloved disabled family member then it would be really difficult to have any time.

If you are disable person then you definitely will not prefer to waste your remaining life by sitting at home. Beside of Disability, you can do what you want and can fulfill your dreams. Purpose of creating this mobility scooter buyer guide is to just help you to choose best suited mobility scooter according to your usage conditions. As if you make single mistake in your buying decision and pick up the mobility scooter which does not suits your type of outdoor or indoor activities or type of movement according to your located area then you will face lot of trouble rather to enjoy your ride.

So, if you are physically challenged person and don’t want to be dependent on someone, want to move around freely, want to get around by yourself then this is a best time to consider mobility scooter.

If agree, then read on to see:

  • What types of mobility scooters are available in the market and which one you should pick? Which mobility scooter is best for what kind of land type?
  • When you should consider 3-wheel medical scooter?
  • In which scenario 4-wheel mobility scooter would be best suited as compared to 3-wheel medical scooter.
  • Lightweight mobility scooter would be best for you or heavy weight.
  • Foldable mobility medical scooters are best deal to go with or not.

We will be discussing each and every useful factor involved when making decision to buy a best medical mobility scooter.

What is a Mobility Medical Scooter?

Mobility scooter is just like a wheel chair but configured like a motor scooter. It is also referred as power-enabled or electric scooter as well.

Its built structure is like a two wheel scooter but has at least three wheels. This scooter is just to move around those people who are challenged persons and can’t walk. You can’t take these scooters to streets. But these mobility scooters are comfortable enough to move around indoor or outdoor easily.

Quick Check List in order to select a best mobility medical scooter

One important thing while deciding about any product to buy is to first think of buying goals of that product. If bought wrong product, you may have to pay greater price as compared to money.

Every product has been designed with a special use case in mind of that product. It’s our duty to buy right kind of product and take maximum benefit.

For example, if you are overweight person and bought a small size travelling scooter without taking time to do some research which mobility scooter will be best suited for you. What will happen then? That small size scooter has not been designed for you nor you will feel comfort on that small size scooter. Now where is the fault? Because of your wrong decision, you both are going to suffer. Company will receive a bad review from you and you will also not only waste your money but also collect a useless item to keep in your house.

So, make wise decisions and select best suited products according to your requirements regardless of product price.

In order to select a best mobility medical scooter, first you have to define your requirements then decide accordingly.

Here are some pints to help you out in defining your requirements:

  • Is maneuverability is your primary focus or not? If maneuverability is your primary focus to move around in every corner of your small house or apartment then select 3-wheel mobility scooter.
  • Is stability your primary focus? Or you overweight? Then 4-wheel mobility is best for you to ride on.
  • What is the purpose of buying mobility scooter? Are you going to use it indoors, outdoors/indoors or outdoors exclusively? Please decide accordingly.
  • Do you travel? Will you need to load your mobility scooter into vehicle? If yes then in a standard vehicle or with a lift?
  • Higher speed is your primary focus?
  • Would you require more battery range or average battery range is enough for you?
  • What kind of surface you have to drive your mobility scooter? Standard mobility scooter is ok or all-terrain mobility scooter will be best suited for your area of drive?

Mobility scooters are no doubt tremendous tools if selected carefully. They not only make physically challenged people more independent but also feel much better as well. These are must have tools for physically challenged people to live their life without having feelings of being disable.

We should not only buy these scooters for our beloved ones but also for charity purpose as well. As these scooters are not cheap and lot of people don’t have much money to buy these valuable scooters.

Types of Mobility Scooters

 If we talk about the verities of mobility medical scooters then here is a list:

  1. Foldable Mobility Medical Scooters

Foldable mobility scooters are much like travel scooters as they can easily be folded into minimal size and can be taken into the automobiles very easily.

These scooters have been designed for utmost transportability. As compared to travel scooters, its frame is foldable into one rather than two pieces as in travel scooters.

When To Consider Foldable Mobility Medical Scooter?

Foldable mobility scooter is best suited if you are seeking for:

  • Easy transportable scooter
  • Minimal Disassembling effort
  • Much stable indoor maneuverability
  • Compact transportability

When Not To Consider Foldable Mobility Medical Scooter?

You must not consider foldable medical mobility scooter if:

  • You need greater than 9 miles battery range
  • Much out door terrain performance
  • Fast speed more than 4 mph

2) Travel Mobility Medical Scooters

You can take it from its name “Travel Mobility Scooter”. These are referred to as foldable and portable mobility scooters best suited for travelling people. You can disassemble and reassemble them easily. Foldable travel scooters are just as easy to fold as anything else and their size become minimal to carry it almost any size of automobile trunk. Foldable scooters have their own separate category but are closely related to travel mobility medical scooters.

Non-foldable travel scooters are also easy to disassemble and after disassembling they become as light as 22 lbs. But they are much better in performance as compared to their weight. So, they are not light weight regarding performance. Weight capacity ranges from 250 to 350 lbs, at 5mph speed and 10 to 20 miles of driving but it’s also depends upon model as well.

Steps to Disassemble Travel Mobility Medical Scooter

  • First remove seat by lifting it upward direction.
  • Then Remove battery from the scooter.
  • Separate the scooter frame into two compact pieces by undoing the retaining clips.
  • Then fold the steering column called as tiller.
  • Now, your scooter has been disassemble, just place your scooter in the vehicle now.

Travel mobility scooters come in two different models as compared to wheels and those are 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooters. Both have their own unique features with best usage purpose. At some places 3-wheels would be best while on other 4 wheel scooters would be best to go with.

“3-wheel mobility scooters are best to move in tighter spaces and corners of your house as they are more maneuverable as compared to 4 wheel travel scooters. While 4-wheel travel scooters are best suited for more terrain outdoor spaces and can feel more assured.”

 Although, travel scooters has been built for physically challenged persons and there is no need to consider terrain kind of stable features but in most parts of the world the land is not plain. In some parts of the world like in mountain areas this 4 wheel travel scooter would be a best stable and much assured as compared to 3 wheel travel scooter.

So, you have to decide by focusing upon the usage scenario and decide accordingly. You know better where you have to use your scooter and what kind of land that is.

When to Consider Travel Medical Scooter? 

  • If you need utmost transportability
  • Best Indoor Maneuverability
  • You need indoor and outdoor versatility
  • Less speed medical scooter at 5mph or below
  • Excellent Compact Desing
  • Enough battery range for about 10-20 miles

When not to consider Travel Mobility Medical Scooter?

If you are seeking for:

  • Fast speed scooter over 5mph
  • More Powerful battery
  • An exceptional performance for outdoor terrain. 

3) Full Size Mobility Medical Scooters

If you want indoor independence not only in larger homes but also in shopping centers as well then full size mobility scooter would be best suited for you to give it a try.

You can have maximum outdoor independence with these mobility scooters. Models of full size mobility medical scooters are also available in 3-wheels and 4-wheels as well.

3-wheel full size medical mobility scooters have speed of 4mph with 20 miles battery range. While 4-wheel full size scooters have speed of 10 mph with 30 miles battery ranges. Weight of these scooters may range from 300-500 lbs.

In full size mobility scooters, turning radius can be considered one of the most important point. Turning radius is basically the value with which you can maneuver indoor. Lower turning radius scooter will have much maneuverability power as compared to higher turning radius scooters. In most of the cases, 3-wheels scooters have more maneuverability with lower turning radius as compared to 4-wheel full size mobility scooters.

Features to Look For in Full Size Mobility Scooters

Some of the most demanded features you should look for in full size mobility scooter before buying can be:

  • Reasonable and elevating seat so that you may access higher shelves while shopping
  • Comfortable and suitable positioning of steering and easy access to scooters buttons and controls as well.
  • Suitable sized lights for outdoor activities
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat with better body posture arm rests
  • A high back and reclining seat for comfortable and easy drive
  • Suspension of full size scooter also matters a lot for smooth drive.

When To Consider Full-Size Mobility Medical Scooter?

  • Full size mobility scooter is best suited for:
  • Long travelling distances
  • Full lighting, deluxe seat and better suspension
  • Higher weight capacity up to 500 lbs.
  • Higher Speed
  • Moving around to larger stores, malls and indoor environments
  • Best Outdoor Performance.

When Not To Consider Full-Size Mobility Medical Scooter?

Please don’t even think to buy full size mobility scooter if you are seeking for:  

  • Better Maneuverability in a small home or apartment.
  • Small fitting stature size people will not find it comfortable
  • Moving around in a standard vehicle without lift.  
  • Short distances to be travelled.

4) Heavy Duty Mobility Medical Scooters

Heavy duty scooters as indicated by their name, has been designed for heavy lifting or much weight as compared to standard mobility scooters.

These heavy duty scooters are available in all popular models and sizes including full-size, travel, 3 wheels and 4 wheels models. These scooters have weight capacity more than that of a standard model, up-to 500 lbs.

Heavy duty scooters mostly have up-to 22 inch seat capacity for better comfort. These are best suited mobility scooters for overweight people and can handle their weight easily.

When to Consider Heavy Duty Medical Scooters?

You should have to consider heavy duty mobility medical scooters if you are seeking for:

  • Large seat size scooter
  • Higher capacity weight lifting scooter
  • If you are overweight
  • Smooth drive for overweight people

When Not To Consider Heavy Duty Medical Scooters?

Heavy duty mobility scooters are not best suited if you are seeking for:

  • Standard seat size scooter
  • Standard capacity weight lifting scooter
  • You are not over weight  

5) Lightweight Mobility Medical Scooters

Lightweight mobility medical scooters are basically travel scooters which are lightweight enough to carry them in vehicles in not a big problem.

These are type of mobility scooters which can easily be assemble and disassemble. So, you don’t need much time to assemble or disassemble them when you have to travel.

Although, foldable mobility scooters are much easier to assemble and disassemble as compared to travel scooters. But both have been designed with the same purpose in mind to keep them with you while you travel.

NOTE: Lightweight mobility medical scooters are not suitable for rough terrain. They would seem to be struggle much to traverse the rough terrain.


6) All Terrain Power Medical Mobility Scooters

You can take the whole meaning from its name, purpose of designing these scooters and best usage. As these are all-terrain mobility scooters so they are much stable and more powerful at traversing rough terrain as compared to lightweight mobility scooters.

If you are following me from top to bottom then you at least would have got basic idea that why there are different types of mobility scooters and how much important it is to choose your best suited mobility scooter according to your needs or requirements.

Please develop this habit to first look around and do your research before buying any product. One of the misconceptions among people I have always noticed is that they think high priced products would be much suited for them.

But trust me this is a wrong concept. Always define or note down your requirements for the product you are going to buy then decide according to your requirements regardless of price. Now, when you have found best product according to your requirements now comes the price. My advice is to choose product which fulfills your requirement whether it’s cheap or expensive. But if it’s expensive for you to purchase then you see the alternative product at much lower price and I am 100% sure you will definitely find that product at much lower price.

Features You Should Check Before Buying Mobility Medical Scooters

These are some of the most important features you should check before buying any mobility scooter:


Again, you need is of much importance when deciding about medical scooter to buy. Maneuverability is basically turning radius of mobility scooter. So, if you have to move around in your small home and you also want to the flexibility to move in corners of your home then 3 wheels mobility scooters are best choice to go with.

So, decide carefully if maneuverability is of much importance for you then you should have to select best scooter with smaller turning radius and increased maneuverability.


Speed is also an important factor to consider while buying a mobility scooter. If you want to move around the town on your mobility scooter rather driving car then you should have to consider high speed mobility scooter. But if you have some problems with your hands to control properly or you don’t feel much comfort by controlling steering then you should have to consider low speed mobility medical scooter.

So, think twice before making buying decision. Although, mobility scooters available in stores have low speed but you can buy scooters with speed of 20 mph or higher as well.

Warranty of Mobility Medical Scooters

Warranty provides us satisfaction and good warranty means manufacturer stands behind its product. Admitted that your scooter will last for many years but some parts including seat cushions and wheels wear out early as compared to other parts. Often warranty will pay you for the labor and cost but it also depends upon the manufacturer and their warranty terms.

NOTE: Try to buy products from the manufacturer of your country for easy returns and warranty claims. What if manufacturer facilitate you with parts replacement as a warranty but how will you process your item for warranty claim?”

Beside this, note warranty serial number and make sure that the item has been registered with your name or at least you got warranty card with your product. This will help you in faster processing of warranty claims.


Portability matters for those who travel and want to keep their mobility scooter with them. If you are among those then portability matters a lot for you. Consider travel mobility scooters or lightweight medical scooters for portability.

But if you have to move around your house and have no travelling requirements then portability is not of much consideration for you.


What if someone has problem with one of his hand to control steering properly? In that case special adapters would be handy to attach with mobility scooter. This was the one case. There may be several cases where you need additional accessories to enhance the functionality of mobility scooter.

This would only be possible if your medical scooter would be compatible for those accessories available in the market to enhance the specified functionality. So, confirm that the mobility scooter you are going to buy is supported for additional accessories or not.


Average battery time for mobility scooters available in the market is somehow about 10-20 miles. If you have to cover longer distances then you should have to consider scooter with stronger battery.

Another notable point is battery warranty which you will receive separate from your mobility scooter warranty. Pay close attention to battery warranty as this is one of the most vital and expensive part of mobility scooters.

So, inspect about scooter and battery warranties and whether they are under insurance or not. I also suggest my readers to read manuals provided with the product for important info to keep your product for longer time.


With your power mobility scooter maximum independence is necessary for you to avail. This will only be possible if you will experience comfortable drive.

What if you don’t feel much comfort on your scooter seat or you back is not as easy it should be then what will happen? Chances are, your scooter would be in garage. So decide wisely and consider this point as of much importance. Otherwise you will not be going to take much from your mobility medical scooter.

Distance Covered in a Single Charge

We can say it operating range. Operating range matters a lot if you are fond of travelling and want to travel long distances on your mobility scooter. In other words you would require mobility scooter with long operating range.

Some mobility scooters available in the market have 10 miles operating range while other can go up to 30 miles or even more than this in a single battery charge.

Lower or standard operating range mobility scooters have enough range to move around your town or to go on grocery shop. For this purpose you don’t need higher operating range mobility scooter. But if you plan to explore Grand Canyon then large operating range mobility scooter will be best to go with.


You receive what you pay. More features in the mobility scooters are directly proportional to higher price. No doubt you also receive quality products for higher price but you don’t need higher priced products in every case. Sometime lower priced products fulfill your requirements in a much better way as compared to higher priced products.

Your buying decision matters a lot and you should have to double check that what you are going to receive against your hard earned money.

Whether to Consider 3-Wheels Mobility Scooter OR 4-Wheels Mobility Scooter?

As earlier said, both types of scooters have their own purpose and use cases.

When to Consider 3-Wheels Mobility Scooter?

You should have to consider 3-wheels mobility scooter if you need:

  • Slow speed mobility scooter with 5 mph or less speed.
  • Want best maneuverability to move around corners of your home.
  • Average battery range up to 9 miles.
  • Excellent value
  • Low maintenance mobility scooter
  • Easy transportability
  • Minimal parts

When to consider 4-Wheels Mobility Scooter?

If you are overweight or having trouble to balance yourself on 3-wheels scooter then you should give a try to 4-wheel medical mobility scooter.

You should have to consider 4-wheels mobility medical scooter if you need:

  • Your scooter would not have any trouble to traverse rough terrain
  • Increased speed over 5 mph
  • Larger battery range from 10-20 miles. But it also depends upon model as well.
  • To travel long distances
  • Move around large indoor environments.
  • Enhanced versatility for indoors and out door as well.

Comparison table between 3-wheels and 4-wheels mobility medical scooters

Scooter Type

Weight Limit

Best Usage

3-Wheel Indoor or Outdoor Scooter

Max 136kg

Increased maneuverability, Best for light use

3-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

Average Max of 204kg

Best for daily use,

Can be used to carry more items

3-Wheel travel Scooter

Average Max of 118kg


Best for traveling and transportation

4-Wheel Indoor or Outdoor Scooter

Max of 113kg to 136kg

Constructed to be fast, Best Scooter with increased maneuverability and enhanced convenience

4-Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

Max 227kg


Best to be used in varied environments,

Best for everyday use

4-Wheel travel Scooter

Max 113kg

Incredibly lightweight,

Best for those who travel with scooters

Advantages of Owning Mobility Medical Scooter

Every product has its own targeted customers who can understand the value of that product much more than others.

If you or your beloved one is physically challenged and can’t get around the surroundings then he may know the value of mobility scooters as compared to others.

Admitted that you or your beloved one who is mobility challenged may have walkers and wheelchairs but that is not sufficient.

Here are some of the benefits or advantages of owning a best mobility medical scooter:

Wheelchairs are not sufficient

As you may also know that wheelchair are limited and insufficient for mobility challenged persons as compared to mobility scooter.

This becomes more frustrated for those who are newly disabled or mobility challenged persons. As they are limited to where they can go and to move around on wheelchair becomes frustrated for them.

Ease of Moving Around at Home

Mobility challenged people are limited to some activities they can perform at home. What if you or your mobility challenged beloved one want to cook something at home? It’s sure that his/her wheelchair will bump again and again to kitchen cabinets by moving back n forth or during collection of ingredients.

Mobility scooters provide lot of freedom to mobility challenged persons to not only move around at home but also to do some activities beside of being frustrated by sitting in the wheelchair.

Outdoor Activities

In order to perform outdoor activities and to visit grocery shop is not so easy to go on wheelchairs. With mobility scooters you have freedom to not only go to grocery shop but also to pick up the right grocery item and do shopping without taking help from anyone.

Not only you have freedom of shopping but you can move around the town without facing any issue. So, it would not be wrong to say that mobility scooters put you back on life track to enjoy this beautiful world and its nature rather sitting useless at home.


Mobility scooters provide you with a level of independence you can’t imagine. Being mobility challenged person was not in your control but to do more with the help of mobility scooters is up to you. You can do each and every task as normal persons are able to do if you have courage and a best mobility scooter.


Unhindered place to place movement is a liberty that you sometime lost because of injury or aging issues. With Mobility Medical scooters, you are able to retain their maneuverability into the foreseeable future. As we have varying needs and everyone has its own requirements regarding mobility scooters that’s why there is an array of choices of medical scooters available in the market. Right mobility scooter purchase matters a lot so decide carefully. You should have to understand what the available choices provide, including weight limits and mobility options, which is helpful in making the mobility scooter purchase decision.

With right knowledge, you can purchase mobility scooter that meet your needs. This includes awareness of mobility scooter prices and a right buying channel through which you can have access to multiple available mobility scooter options to choose and buy from.

Online marketplace such as Amazon allows you to do all of your shopping from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to move from store to store for buying your best selected mobility medical scooter. Another best thing that I like most regarding amazon is because of their easy return policy. This is single most important thing because of which I recommend almost all of my readers to shop from amazon. The much valuable functionality offered by amazon make the process of finding an affordable mobility medical scooter less daunting.