Air Compressor Buying Guide For Businesses

Air Compressor Buying Guide For Businesses

Buying an air compressor is not a simple 'walk-in, walk-out' process and you will find the following questions will arise:
What power do you have available?
240V single phase (Up to 12CFM Fad)?
415V three phase (16CFM Fad to 800CFM Fad)?
Petrol Driven (Up to 40CFM Fad)?
Diesel Driven (from 12CFM Fad to 900CFM Fad)?

Sure, you can jump straight into it and buy any old compressors but to make sure you get the right compressor, you will need to understand the different types of compressors that are available on the market today.
Some compressors are more energy efficient while others use up a ton of costly power.
Some compressors make lots of noise while others you can barely hear. Do you need a low noise compressor?
Compressor power and performance are also something to consider. Is it for a large workshop? Or something small like a dental surgery that requires a lot less power.
Before you even consider purchasing an air compressor, you need to work out what sort of power you actually have available at your business premises.
If you only have single phase 240v available, then you will need to look at your 240v options. You will need to find a 240v compressor that delivers maximum performance while still being energy efficient.
If you have three phase power available then you will need to be even more energy conscious.
Choosing the right air compressor can save you thousands of dollars and be the difference between running into problems day in and out because of lack of pressure, or running a smooth hassle free operation.

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